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Cambridge Centre for Gallium Nitride


New Mphil students

Welcome to our two new Mphil in Micro- and Nanotechnology Enterprise students: Xin Chen and Kairan Huang. In the next couple of weeks they will be with us in the group working on m ultimicroscopy studies of GaN QDs and p iezoelectronics of HEMT structures. 2021-05_mphil_students.jpg

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virtual PICO conference 2021

Last week, the PICO 2021 virtual conference has honoured the scientific careers of Sir Colin Humphreys and three other pioneers of transmission electron microscopy in solid state research and the life sciences. All four researchers gave insights into their achievements during invited talks. More recent achievements by the...

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Part III students finished projects

Our Part III students, working on various porous GaN, cathodoluminescence, and modeling projects in the group, have had handed in their theses and had their vivas. Today they presented their final work in a poster session. Well done!

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Read more at: Farewell to Dr Yonatan Calahora

Farewell to Dr Yonatan Calahora

The Camridge Centre for GaN says goodbye to Dr Yonatan Calahora , who is heading off to new research adventures as assistant Professor (Senior Lecturer) at Technion (Haifa, Israel). There he will lead the Magneto-Electro-Mechanical Smart Materials Lab , working on the optoelectronic & piezophototronic effect in...

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Kagisos first paper is published

Congratulations to Mr Kagiso Loeto for his first paper publication. In their Nano Express article , Loeto et al. report on the study of point defects in InGaN/GaN core–shell nanorods and the role of the regrown interface. Monochromatic cathodoluminescence microscopy of the nanorod cross section showed a ring-like region of...

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UKNC Winter Conference 2021

Congratulations to Maruf Sarkar for winning the first prize in the student poster competition at the winter conference of the UK Nitrides Consortium (UKNC). During the online conference, he presented his research on the Tomography of Porous Gallium Nitride Nanostructures , summarized in this short 2min youtube video ...

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Mr Boning  Ding

Congratulations to Boning Ding

We congratulate Boning Ding for successfully defending his PhD thesis about his studies of wurtzite and zincblendeGaN-based green LED heterostructures. Congratulations and well done.

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Read more at: Congratulations to Bogdan Spiridon

Congratulations to Bogdan Spiridon

We congratulate Bogdan Spiridon for successfully defending his PhD thesis on the material science aspects of GaN HEMT devices. Congratulations - hip, hip, hurray and good luck for your future.

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New Master Students

Welcome to our four Master students: Angus Thomas, Sean Peedle, Francesca Adams and Xiaotian Zhang. They will work on various porous GaN, cathodoluminescence, and modeling projects in the group.

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Boning and Bogdan have submitted their PhD theses

boning_bogdan_theses.jpg Congratulations to Boning Ding and Bogdan Spiridon who have submitted their doctoral theses. Boning's work has investigated wurtzite and zincblende heterostructures to work towards high efficient green LEDs, and Bogdan's work has intensively studied the design and characterisation of GaN-based...

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