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Cambridge Centre for Gallium Nitride


Our Apps



Cambridge Centre for Gallium Nitride has produced two apps for android devices. Download them both below. Please send feedback using the tool in Google Play or by .


This is an educational app aimed at sixth form students to learn more about the physics of an LED.

It includes simulated experiments, classes with animations and links to more external content. A perfect introduction to the physics of gallium nitride for anyone keen to learn more about semiconductors. 

This app is in Beta and has a lot more content we're working on. Please explore our work so far, we would love !

LEDLab_Logo   Get it on Google Play



LED Switch                                                                                


This app shows you how much money you could save by replacing old light bulbs with new LED ones. Put in the details of your household and LED Switch estimates how long it will take for new LED bulbs to pay for themselves. You can use the default parameters or tune them to your situation to get a more accurate estimate.

LEDSwitch_Logo   Get it on Google Play