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Cambridge Centre for Gallium Nitride


The application of light emitting diodes (LEDs) for ambient lighting is leading the lighting revolution across the world. Utilizing the advantages of LEDs for ambient lighting has many benefits over incandescent light bulbs or compact flourescent light bulbs. LEDs not only offer a significant increase in light bulb lifetime, but also a strongly reduced power consumption for the same light output. The reduced power consumption compared to traditional light sources comes from the efficient conversion of electricity to light in these devices.

My work in the group involves using the time-resolved cathodoluminescence microscope to look at the light emission of gallium nitride materials and devices. In such experiments, our materials are excited by a beam of electrons which can be continuous or pulsed. This allows us to make deductions regarding the optical effects of imperfections in these materials but may also provide ways for the charge carriers (electrons and holes) to be better described.


We conduct world leading research into nitride based III-V semiconductors: material quality, characterisation and device development.

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