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Mr Peter Griffin

Mr Peter Griffin
Room 0_033
Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy
University of Cambridge
27 Charles Babbage Road

Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 334760


Ultra-violet (UV) emitting devices have much lower efficiency than their blue counterparts. Efficient UV emitters would be transformative to sterilisation methods, allowing cheap, portable systems for hospitals and water treatment that could reach places where there are currently no effective sterilisation methods. My research aims to improve UV LED efficiency by using an active region with nanoscopic porosity. Localisation in the porous regions should reduce carrier diffusion to non-radiative recombination centres and increase the radiative recombination efficiency. In addition, quantum size effects will shift light emission towards the UV, meaning lower Al content would be required, bypassing several problems with high Al content AlGaN as an emitter. We have successfully developed an electrochemical etching process that targets conductive regions of GaN to form nanoporous material, demonstrated in the layered distributed Bragg reflectors. Finer control of the porosity is required, as well as adjusting it to etch GaN alloys such as InGaN and AlGaN. The work will then focus on characterising the influence porosity has on light emission and developing an LED process flow with the etch incorporated into it.

We conduct world leading research into nitride based III-V semiconductors: material quality, characterisation and device development.

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April 2018: α-Ga2O3 grown by low temperature atomic layer deposition on sapphire

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