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Cambridge Centre for Gallium Nitride



This project aims to demonstrate a smart COMBO Gallium Nitride on Silicon (GaN-on-Si) multisensor technology platform for simultaneous flow, pressure, temperature and gas (CO2 or H2) detection in benign and harsh environments (e.g. aerospace, automotive, industrial, and medical). All current solutions are unsuitable for harsh environments and use bulky and expensive technology based on discrete Si type sensors. They are exploited by companies, such as Bosch, Austria Microsystems, and Sensirion.


Our proprietary technology is based on integrated AlGaN/GaN heterostructures combined with a deep etch of the Si substrate on which the heterostructure is grown to leave thin membranes behind. Highly sensitive elements for gas, pressure, temperature and flow sensing are embedded in the resulting membrane. These sensitive elements are made of surface electron layers (known as 2DEGs - two dimensional electron gases) formed at the interface between different nitride based materials. Two micro SMEs (Cambridge GaN Devices and Flusso), one large company (Microsemi) and the University of Cambridge are forming a small and dynamic consortium with complementary skills and expertise, in a strong position to exploit major commercial outcomes of this project.