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UKNC presentations and prize won by Peter Griffin!

last modified Jan 14, 2019 03:33 PM

The UK Nitrides Consortium (UKNC) was held at University of Strathclyde on 9-10th January 2019. Congratulations to Peter Griffin who won the oral presentation prize! In this UKNC, our group presented:


"Investigation of nano-cathodoluminescence of non-polar InGaN quantum dots" by John Jarman

"Dislocations as porosification channels in mesoporous GaN DBRs - a depth-resolved plan-view TEM study" by Fabien Massabuau

"Birefringence of porous GaN" by Peter Griffin

"Investigation of stacking faults in zincblende GaN grown on 3C-SiC/Si templates with TEM and XRD" by David Wallis

"Effects of well width fluctuations on green InGaN/GaN Quantum Wells grown at different temperatures" by Boning Ding


"GaN-on-Si wafer-level optical profilometry" by Bogdan Spiridon

"Influence of AlxGa1-xN nucleation layers on properties of cubic GaN epilayers" by Abhiram Gundimeda and Mohammadreza Rostami

"TEM investigation of AlN-Diamond interface" by Fabien Massabuau

We conduct world leading research into nitride based III-V semiconductors: material quality, characterisation and device development.

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September 2019: Investigation of MOVPE-grown zincblende GaN nucleation layers on 3C-SiC/Si substrates

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