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New AFM is operational

last modified Sep 18, 2017 02:11 PM
New AFM is operational

Fabien using the new AFM

Our new atomic force microscope is now fully operational. The new microscope is a Bruker Dimension Icon Pro and upgrades our scanning probe capability to allow:

  • Automated mapping of samples up to 8 inches in diameter.
  • Peak force capability.
  • Additional conductivity and photo-conductivity measurement techniques.

This Bruker AFM has been funded by the Sir Henry Royce Institute, and we will be managing it as a facility for users from across the Institute as well as using it for our own research.

We conduct world leading research into nitride based III-V semiconductors: material quality, characterisation and device development.

We are passionate about education and outreach! If you would like support for an education project then please .

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