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Daily update of GaN group talks and posters at IWN 2016

last modified Oct 10, 2016 12:14 PM

Many members of the Cambridge GaN group are currently at the IWN conference in Orlando. Bookmark this page for daily updates on posters and talks from our group and our collaborators!

Friday 7 Oct


After a week of talks and posters, group members relax at the conference dinner, with special guests from Walt Disney World in Orlando.




Thursday 6 Oct


The many posters presented on Wednesday from our group and collaborators are still on display; drop into the Ballroom on the Lobby Level to take a look at our recent research!


Wednesday 5 Oct


Today in IWN, Dr. Rachel Oliver will talk about the cutting-edge electron microscopy and tomography techniques used to study nitride-based microcavity structures. She'll be talking in the Camellia/Dogwood room at 8:00 am.

The group is presenting nine posters in today's session. If you are following us on LinkedIn for IWN updates, here is the list of the posters for today: PS2.05, PS2.90, PS2.93, PS2.117, PS2.143, PS2.166, PS2.167, PS2.168, PS2.169.


Also. H. Qian (C2.2.05) from Sheffield will talk about the work done in collaboration with our group on GaN-based vertical FET structure. Good luck everyone for a successful presentation!



Tuesday 4 Oct


At IWN today, make sure you catch invited talks by Prof. Colin Humphreys and Prof. Stefan Schulz in International North.


At 14:00 Prof. Humphreys will talk about the atomic structure of polar and non-polar InGaN quantum wells, which are revealed by combining different microscopy and spectroscopy methods.


Prof. Schulz will talk about the work being done in collaboration with Cambridge on InGaN at 08:30; Dr. Rachel Oliver will be the session chair.


Today, we have a total of eleven talks, including five from our collaborators. If you are at IWN and would like to catch up with our recent research, bookmark this page for speakers and talk IDs for today, and the remainder of IWN:

Markus Pristovsek (B1.2.03),

David Wallis (B1.2.05),

Lok Y. Lee (A2.3.06),

Colin Humphreys (D1.4.01),

Fabien Massabuau (D1.4.03),

Thomas Choi (F0.3.04),

Stefan Schulz (D1.2.01),

Danqing Wang (B1.3.05),

Kean B. Lee (C2.1.05),

Sheng Jiang (C2.1.07)

Syed Z. H. Zaidi (C0.3.04).


Monday 3 Oct


On the first day of the meeting, our group and collaborators are presenting eight posters. Also, Colin Humphreys will be chairing the session of materials characterisation (D1.1). If you are at IWN this week, don't forget to drop by at the following posters to learn more about our recent interesting research work!

PS1.45 Phase Purity Analysis of MOVPE-Grown Cubic GaN Epilayers -- S.-L. Sahonta & M. Frentrup et al.

PS1.100 Preventing Trench Defect Formation in InGaN Quantum Wells Using Hydrogen -- F.C.P. Massabuau et al.

PS1.101 Characterization of InGaN Quantum Well Interface by X-Ray Techniques -- F.C.P. Massabuau et al.

PS1.102 Impact of InGaN Composition on Carrier Localization at Dislocations -- F.C.P. Massabuau et al.

PS1.105 Investigation of Carrier Localization in InGaN/GaN Multiple Quantum Well Structures using Terahertz Spectroscopy -- A. Dunn et al.

PS1.106 Nanocathodoluminescence Reveals the Mitigation of the Stark Shift in InGaN Quantum Wells by Silicon Doping -- J. T. Griffiths et al.

PS1.138 Influence of Hexagonal Inclusions and Stacking Faults on the Photoluminescence Spectrum of Cubic GaN Grown via MOCVD upon Large Area 3C-SiC/Si Substrates -- S. A. Church et al.

PS1.154 Optimisation of GaN LEDs and the Reduction of Efficiency Droop Using Active Machine Learning -- Bertrand Rouet-Leduc et al.

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