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Cambridge Centre for Gallium Nitride


In a very Richard Attenborough way

This week is the last week of easter term and we are soon to see a unique species emerge into the wilderness once again . A subspecies of homo sapien, homo sapien acadimus undergradous sp. , commonly known as undergraduates, have been a rare site for the last 3 weeks in this area as they have been frantically working away in their burrows, preparing to deliver work to their mentors. These homo sapiens, often identifiable from their distinct lack of sun and on odd occasion unkept appearance and with distinctive dark patches under their eyes, have been surviving on coffee and pizzas for many months. They entered the final stage of this process by having mass socially distanced gatherings in very ordered rows in great halls where they do ornate markings for 3hrs, some to their mentors are considered to be master pieces, some can only be described as indistinguishable squiggles. Only time will tell how they have done. The emergence of them out of these great halls, as they see the sunshine for the first time in 3 weeks, is a sight to behold, before they enter a mass migration back to their original homes and quieter pastures will once again roam.

To watch this from a far we will be meeting for coffee tomorrow Wednesday at 11am by the lake


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