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Cambridge Centre for Gallium Nitride


Today, we will presenting our current research at the 2021 Armourers and Brasiers' Cambridge Forum. The event aims to brings together researchers from universities, industry and Alumni to hear a programme of international speakers on the latest developments in Materials Science research and to participate in networking.

Please visit us on our four poster booths about:

  • "Porous InGaN technology for next generation green, amber and red LEDs", Xiaotian Zhang & Martin Frentrup
  • "Nanometres in Nanoseconds: Shining light on the lifetime of an Exciton", Gunnar Kusch
  • "Zincblende Gallium Nitride for microLEDs", Abhiram Gundimeda & Martin Frentrup
  • "Counting On It: Quantitative Cathodoluminescence to Measure Dopant Levels in Semiconductors", Kagiso Loeto 


We conduct world leading research into nitride based III-V semiconductors: material quality, characterisation and device development.

We are passionate about education and outreach! If you would like support for an education project then please .